Road trips are a time-honored summer tradition for most Americans. On June 21st when summer officially begins, families across the country will load up their cars and head off to beaches, campgrounds, or even just visit relatives. But planning for a summer road trip means more than just making sure you have enough snack mix and good tunes for the journey. Hendrick Buford would like to present their Top 5 Summer Driving tips to help you have a safe, fun, family vacation.

1. Make sure your car has a few extra supplies for the trip. Yeah, it might be a pain to try and squeeze even more in your already bursting trunk, but a few supplies can make a big difference in an unfortunate situation. Make sure your car has a few extra gallons of water, maps, and a basic car emergency kit with flares and jumper cables before you go.

2. Try and pack light. We may have just told you that you should try and bring a few extra items in case of emergency, and those things are necessary, but the bowling ball you’re bringing “just in case” may not be. Heavy loads are harder on your car, so anything you can do to lighten them is great. Also, the lighter your car is, the better fuel economy you’re going to get, so you’ll save money too!

3. Check your tires. The last thing you want on your big summer trip is to get derailed by a blowout on the side of the road. Make sure the tires aren’t worn down and that the pressure is correct (tire pressure can increase in hot weather). At Hendrick Buford we offer several tires services and can you help you make sure you’re hitting the road with a dependable set of wheels.

4. Beat the heat! For long trips, you may want to invest in window shades to keep kids cool in the back. Also, remember that you can get sunburned even while driving so make sure to apply sunscreen to any areas that may be exposed. For rest stops, put a windshield shade up and crack the windows or sunroof. Keeping your car cool(er) can help you avoid getting stuck on a hot seat when you return and lighten the load on the AC.

5. Make an appointment at Hendrick Buford for a check-up before you go! Hey, it might be a little bit of self-promotion, but getting a check-up before you leave can ensure that you won’t get stuck with an overheated car or a broken AC in 100 degree weather. Our friendly service team will make sure everything is working properly, all of your fluids are full and your car is in great shape before you hit the road. That way you can relax, sit back, and enjoy your journey!