In 2010, all diesel engine manufacturers must meet very stringent new EPA emissions standards. Most every diesel will incorporate a new diesel emissions fluid (DEF) tank which will add the requirement of keeping this extra cost maintenance fluid’s level at a required volume or the engine performance could be reduced. If it gets low enough, the system will not let the truck go over 4 mph!
GM’s early estimated price increase for the new diesel will be in the $4,000 range. That means a new diesel engine in a light duty truck may hit $12,000!
Rick Hendrick Commercial sales has procured a substantial allotment of new 2009 and 2010 Silverado one ton chassis cabs with current emission Duramax diesel engines that will not incur the hefty price increases slated to begin after January. Now is the time to get your diesel truck at a great price savings and take advantage of year end business tax benefits on vehicle purchases. Call our Commercial sales department today at 866-566-5193 or email or visit us online at .